• Web Hosting Managed Services

    Linux Server Administration, Firewall Management, Data Migration, Cyber Investigation, Wordpress


Secure & Reliable

Your data and information is secure with us, we value your privacy as we do our own & we approach tasks with a "like its yours" philosophy.


Efficient & Competent

We work directly with you, providing service honestly, competently and efficiently. No used car salesmen, No buzzword BS'ery. Real people, real world experience, no TPS Report micro-management silliness.



No support escalation blackhole. We are a small service consultancy focusing on a few areas of subject expertise. We like being small and agile. Direct, simple.


Some of our main services


Linux Server Administration

RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian. Initial configuration & setup, users, SSH, sFTP, Postfix, Exim, cPanel, Plesk, Virtualmin, regular updates, rootkit checks, PCI Compliance. We can handle all your server administration needs.


Cyber Security & Investigation

Server compromised, website exploited, need a security assessment ? We can locate the vulnerability, help secure your server environment and assist in providing forensic evidence in cyber security breaches.


Data Migration

Moving from one host to another, deploying a new server, going virtual ? We can migrate your website. We assess the scenario completely first and give you real world expectations and estimates.


Wordpress & CMS

Popular CMS software such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento. Initial installation, configuration, backup, migrations. We can do it !


Firewall Management

Hardware appliances or local server firewalls. Cisco ASA, ipTables, pfSense, ipFire. We can also assist you in translating local firewall rules to a dedicated firewall appliance at your web host.



Need your LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack updated, let us assist ! We work with your operating system package management to provide a seamless upgrade. We can also provide performance optimizations.